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Step Into Bliss

Embodiment: The Gateway to the Sacred Self
Bliss- Costa Rica Retreat

Join us in a Blue Zone in Samara, Costa Rica
Dec 6 - Dec 13, 2023

"Conscious Living" is best described as an extraordinary approach to living that allows us to see our role in life as an active observer of our mind,  as well as a creator and manifestor. Embracing life with a clear open heart, we can then  experience a conscious and connected universe.

The Venue…

Transform into your best self in one of Earth’s most restorative destinations, located in one of the world’s Blue Zones… the Nicoya Peninsula in beautiful and vibrant Costa Rica.

Con Smania is the ideal place to activate your greatest potential and honor your deepest purpose.
Each casita on our sacred ground positively invites personal transformation while strolling winding paths and lush native landscaping. Guanacaste trees shade the property and provide home to a variety of wildlife, including the howlers, parrots, iguanas and so much more.

Our private landing strip provides a unique opportunity for walking meditation and breathing space. This safe and sacred space is also just a 10 minute stroll to the Pacific Ocean.

From hidden meditation spots to the grand and magnificent gathering casita, there is so much to explore on the property.

Then take some side trips into the nearby towns of Nosara and Samara for even more fun. Kayak to an off-shore reserve, ride a horse along the beach, enjoy a private massage or just lounge at our unique and fun pool for the rest and rejuvenation you deserve.

What’s Included:

  • A full week, Wednesday to Wednesday, to soak in all the property and the group have to offer.

  • Group call before arrival, begin to form our community and bond before you arrive in Costa Rica.

  • A home for the week you aren’t likely to forget any time soon, each casita is unique! (single or shared accommodations available).

  • All organic vegan and vegetarian meals prepared by local chefs and served buffet style. All food needs accommodated.

  • Daily Yoga, Movement and Meditation

  • Breath Work Workshop, Hermetic Principles Discussions, Somatic Writing Workshop based on Jungian principles of the shadow and the mask, Psychic Development Workshop, all these  facilitated by masters in their energetic craft. 

  • A sacred fire  ceremony with ecstatic dance and poetry slam

  • Downtime to relax and integrate your  mind-opening experiences throughout the week.

  • Day trip to Nosara  to a world class apothecary, shopping and sunset dinner.

  • Round trip airport transportation – your magical trip begins as soon as you pass through customs.

  • Housekeeping and laundry services – you choose the level according to your daily needs.

  • Nature walk and awareness of surroundings 

*all experiences are covered by your retreat fee and are optional, no refunds will be offered on any experiences you choose to forgo.

What’s Not Included:

Your round-trip airfare from home

Tips for extraordinary service

Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance


One on One Energetic Coaching Sessions 


Arrive into the Liberia Daniel Oduber Airport (LIR) on December 6, 2023 before 3pm if possible so we can pick you up and get you settled in before dinner.

You my also make arrangements in to San Jose- San Jose to Nosara airport.

50% Deposit Due At  Booking.

Deposit is refundable in the first two weeks after payment.  Thereafter,  50% of monies can be credited to any Healing Wheel Retreat. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance for your protection. 

Our Story

 Healing Wheel Retreats came in to being because of a shared vision. Each one of us felt a desire to simply help people live not just the length of their lives, but the width and depth of their lives. We approach this through offering tools and experiences focused on the power of YOU. 

The entire Universe is energy. "Since every potential in the Universe is a wave of probability that has an electromagnetic field and is energetic in nature, it makes sense that our thoughts and feelings are no exception. What we broadcast on a daily basis matters. To change your life is to change your energy- If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself and reinvent a new self" - Dr Joe Dispenza

We really want to help people increase their joy in life.

We provide the playground and the tools.