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I am giving some useful tips on how to develop mindfulness and utilise Gassho Meiso (Meditation) so that we know what we are feeling within ourselves and how this benefits us when doing Byosen Reikan Ho. My availability for teaching is selected Tuesdays at Celestial Salt from 12-3:30 and by appointment in the evenings in my home. The cost is $65 for 60 minutes of 1:1 teaching this technique to Reiki practitioners - or $120 for two sessions. $111 for a full session (60 minutes)with me which includes an intuitive nutritional reading and nutritional recommendations, supplements, and meal planning. Byosen scanning, is scanning someone else’s energy field to perceive areas of disharmony or disease. Whenever there is a disease in a person there will always be sensations in their energy field referred to in Japanese as hibiki meaning resonance. The premise being that if something exists on the physical level it will also exist on subtler levels either as an emotion in the emotional body, an idea or thought in the mental body or an energy signature in the etheric body. It is my experience that in order to be aware of these Hibiki during a treatment one has to become mindful of the present moment. The most effective way for us to do that is to observe our relationship with our own present state, because in order to understand the various sensations we are feeling, first we have to be aware of what is happening in our own energy field. As scanning involves to varying degrees opening ourselves to our client, it is important to know what our present state is before we go and change it by merging ourselves with their energy. I believe it is this lack of present state awareness coupled with a lack of grounding that has led many people incorrectly to advocate the use of protection in Reiki. Merging is something we do every day naturally. Every time you walk into a building you get a sense energetically of your surroundings and when you meet somebody new, you get a sense about them. In fact as verbal communication amounts to no more than 15% of all communication it might surprise you how adept you already are at feeling other peoples energy. Traditionally when Reiki was taught by Dr Usui, great importance was placed on the practitioners developing their ability to scan and feel areas of disturbance in another persons energy field. This was something it is believed that should take students many years of discipline, practice and application to become good at. In my classes

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  • 7689 North Union Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO, USA


  • Colorado Springs, CO, USA