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Healing Wheel Retreats

Transport yourself beyond the limitations of your daily life.

Healing Wheel Retreats, LLC,  creates the time and space you need for a deep dive into your body, your mind and your awareness.

Come with us on our next transformational Energetic Wellness Retreat.

Wooden Hut

Retreat Highlights

1/19/2023- We hosted a sold out Iyengar Yoga Retreat in Manitou Springs, with teacher, Dawn Stillo. Included in the retreat was a psychic gallery reading by Medium, Julie Speetjens. We also were entertained and educated in Odissi Temple Dance by the lovely Aurotejas Hamsell. 

1/19 Medicine Music Project Concert and Meditation inside Cave of The Winds 

7/31/22 We gathered 26 people and created the highest and largest Reiki circle at 14,118 feet, the pinnacle of Pikes Peak

Ones health is an expression of the complex interplay between the physical and the chemical, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of one's life and being. We simply provide the space for discovery. 

Meet The Team


Melissa Stonehill Caiyem

CEO, Holistic Nutritionist, Karuna Reiki Teacher, Life Coach, Meditation Guide, Doctoral Candidate in  Alternative Health Practices


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Russell Crouch

COO, Qi Gong Instructor, Catering Chef,

Medicine Music Project Coordinator 


Yehoshua Caiyem, RN

Music Director, Team RN/BSN Co-Founder of

Healing Wheel LLC


Julie Speetjens

Energy Medicine Director, Karuna Reiki Master, Psychic Medium